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About Taste factory
Taste is one of the senses, by which a human perceives the world. The company «INTEKA» is a real factory of taste, where the taste of life is born!
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Success story
The company «INTEKA» was founded in 1999. Today «INTEKA» is a thriving modern factory, occupying an area of 3,000 square meters.
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Taste leader
Quality control of the company’s products corresponds to the highest international standards.
In 2012 «INTEKA» got the international certificate ISO-22000. The company also has ISO-9001 certification.
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«INTEKA» production is distributed by major retail chains in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, and is sold in 2,500 stores in Bulgaria, Romania and other countries of the EU. Company delivers the goods to the UK, Ireland and Germany.
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